Lateral Movement in Active Directory+Windows – Some Simple & Forgotten (Yet Effective) AD Pivoting Techniques: Part 1

“Go the path of least resistance – sure, it’s cool to pop Meterpreters, but it’s really not always even necessary. It can be much easier.”

Local Infosec Talk: Logan Diomedi talks Burp Suite at RISE

“Roanoke native Logan Diomedi found an interest in computers at an early age and won his first Capture-the-Flag (CTF) at 16. Since then he has placed in the top 3 on several other national CTFs throughout the years, including events run by the NSA, Radford University, and NYU Poly. He specializes in application analysis/pivoting and lateral movement on enterprise networks though he maintains a broad skill base and is particularly fond of hunting “zero days” on embedded devices and closed-source software for responsible disclosure.