Local Infosec Talk: Logan Diomedi talks Burp Suite at RISE

Link to the event:

This Thursday, February 13th, I’ll be giving a talk to local infosec and IT professionals in the greater Roanoke area at e-Plus technologies located in the middle of Downtown Roanoke! The presentation will be 1 hour long and will touch base on how to set Burp up on your machine, using the tools properly and in attack-scope, utilizing repeater, extender,intruder, deocder. I’ll also be discussing properly using automated scanners within Burp and being accountable for the amount of traffic you can create, as well as potential disruption to weak & legacy production services if not utilized carefully.

“Roanoke native Logan Diomedi found an interest in computers at an early age and won his first Capture-the-Flag (CTF) at 16. Since then he has placed in the top 3 on several other national CTFs throughout the years, including events run by the NSA, Radford University, and NYU Poly. He specializes in application analysis/pivoting and lateral movement on enterprise networks though he maintains a broad skill base and is particularly fond of hunting “zero days” on embedded devices and closed-source software for responsible disclosure.

Logan currently works for Carilion Clinic as a computer science/infosec professional and is an OSCP certified Red Team Pentester, CTF geek, Linux/Windows Sysadmin, and Programmer. – RISE Leadership

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