DIGMEUP – A very quick and simple enumeration tool written in Bash for recon

Hey guys! I have a ton of posts coming in the next couple of weeks, but one thing I wanted to go ahead and throw on here was DIGMEUP – a really simple automated Bash script for doing quick and dirty recon. There are a few issues with it and it needs to be expanded much more greatly – however, this is really useful for me already and and I’ll be adding more to it as time goes on!


This also will be pasted over on my Tools section as well.

Links are as follows:




Some usage examples are as such. I placed the script in my path (/usr/sbin/digmeup) which avoids having to call the full path or ./ each time.

As you can see, a search on my own domain performs a ton of really useful recon very quickly on the target of my choice. Since I host through Namecheap, you’re seeing the adjacent namecheap hosting servers on the reverse lookup.

You may have to tweak or mess with the script to get it exactly what you need it to do in order to accommodate your goals/intended results. I have the file set to automatically clean /tmp, but you may want to maintain this output for other reasons. Edit as needed!

Feel free to contact me with any questions at logansdiomedi@gmail.com!

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